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Are you on vacation in Malaga?


Would you like to know the soul of Malagueña fashion?

Discover the conscious fashion of Malaga in a carefully watched Tour.

I offer Customized Private TOURS

for groups of

5 to 20 people

I will take you to a unique shopping experience of local designers and introduce you to some of the most exciting slow fashion concept and concept stores in the city.

I will guide you to showroom rooms and shops off the beaten track and visit a variety of local designers who produce consciously and contribute substance to the style, each one with a unique vision, concept and collection.

In each of the places, the Designers will share the history of your brand, you can ask them questions, explore their designs and they will be happy to help you find the pieces that best suit your style.

This carefully selected tour is for fashion lovers looking to add something Malaga exclusive to his collection, and want to know that his clothes are of high quality and with a beautiful story behind.

The basic tour lasts 2.5 hours and we visit from 2 to 4 stores and showrooms.

The routes are usually on foot and the spaces are within walking distance.


Dress in accordance with the weather and wear shoes and clothes in which you feel comfortable.

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