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As Vivienne Westwood says:


"Buy less, choose well, make it last"


In this service I offer a new alternative to those people who want to give a 180º turn in their way of buying clothes to handle style and fashion in a safe way and not by the dictates of trends.

The idea is to choose clothes that you feel good about and that are produced in a humane and respectful way with the environment.

In this way, you can consciously develop a style of personal dress that corresponds to your own values.


Have you ever wondered before buying if that garment can be used more than 30 times?


If the answer is no, simply do not buy it.

If you feel the curiosity that tells you inside, I have to change my way of shopping consciously looking for a personal style that corresponds to their own values, this service will undoubtedly surprise you.

How it is performed?

Corazones de café

Personal interview, or via (Skype)


Analysis of color

(know what colors are in harmony with your natural skin color, eye color and hair).

Fashion Design Models

Typology study

(body shape you have and know what virtues you have to highlight them and learn to hide what you do not like your body, adopting the dress to their forms and movements you express).


Analysis of your wardrobe background

(Discard garments that do not fit well, that are damaged and possible recycling).

Once everything is done and the work started, I make the necessary purchases according to your personal, work and social style so that you get a good wardrobe background according to your needs. Without wasting time on it.

In case of being outside of Spain I send you via email the links of the stores and clothes you have to buy in them to get your good wardrobe background.

For a better world…


  • Aprende a saber cual es tu estilo acorde a tu vida social, laboral y p...

    5 h

    320 euros
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