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Mindful Beauty is based on stopping, slowing down our chaotic rhythm of life to find the balance between body and mind.


The key is to learn to disconnect and then reconnect with the world around us.


Giving our "switch off" button is sometimes vital and necessary to move forward with all our potential and energy.

Service with a view to take care of your skin whether you are male or female and use 100% Natural makeup without any aggressive ingredient for both skin and health.


A new consumer experience where balance is the protagonist.

Have you ever wondered what products you currently use, do you know what ingredients it contains, where does it come, etc.?

If you are thinking about taking the decision to look for your health and be aware of our planet but without refusing to continue wanting to look good and see that your skin problems are improving, and the use of makeup remains at the level you demand.


No doubt this is designed for you.

How it is performed?

Corazones de café

Personal interview, or via (Skype)

Model Applying Lipstick


(determine type face, skin, problems and observe the characteristics to enhance the attractive and disguise what you do not like.

It will be studied in the case of requiring possible

changes of any part of the face that has to be solved in the hands of professionals of esthetic.

Bridal Makeup


Teach her how to put on make-up to take advantage of her features and diminish small defects.

If it is in person, I will give you the guidelines with a detailed report and together with a professional make-up artist, teach you how to use make-up.

In the case of being outside of Malaga using Skype and a photograph of him washed face with natural light (without retouching and of good photographic quality) I will give the guidelines of the products in a detailed report with the attached links of where and what brands buy appropriate to your skin type and according to the type of face you have and how you should use makeup.

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